an elderly When is it the “right” time to consider Assisted Living Facility for your loved one?

Below are just a few questions you may ask yourself to see if it is time to consider an assisted living facility.

  • Is your loved one able to do light housekeeping chores safely?
  • Is your loved one able to prepare his or her own meals on a daily basis throughout the day?
  • Is your loved one able to care for his or her own personal hygiene needs?
  • Can your loved one remember if they took their medication properly or remember when they took their medication last?
  • Can your loved one move about his or her own home safely?
  • In an emergency would your loved one be capable of handling an emergency?

This is definitely one of the most difficult decisions we may have to make for our loved ones. No one wants to be taken from his or her own environment. It is far easier to make an assessment before there is no other option, than wait until our loved ones has declined physically and or mentally.

This is where Adult Senior Placement can assist you in making the appropriate decisions. Adult Senior Placement will assess and counsel your loved one to make their move go as safely and as comfortable as possible. Adult Senior Placement can help you find the facility best suited to meet your loved ones needs.
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